One step at a time

One step at a time

Remember this?


Just before we went off on my birthday jolly to Carcassonne, I was playing about with a jelly roll of fabric which had been on my shelf for a couple of years.  I didn’t know what to do with it, but then I came across this and simply had to give it a try.


I didn’t get very far though and ever since then, the stitched and cut blocks have sat by my sewing machine. 

Today, I felt rather virtuous.  I’d not only done some of my (paid) work, I’d cleared my mending pile and there wasn’t much ironing sitting and eyeing me with that threatening look that only a basket of ironing can manage.  So, I switched on my sewing machine and prepared to begin.

Except I’d forgotten what I was doing.  There was no printout in the bag with those blocks either.  What a good job I blog about such things and include the links!  I worked out what I’d done, where I’d stopped and what more there was to do.


I soon had quite a pile of 5 1/4 inch squares and spend a few minutes trimming and squaring them off.


It’s a clever pattern that looks way more tricky than it really is.


So now it’s time to sew four squares together to create a larger block.  But there’s a decision to make.


Do I take the control freak’s route and choose the placement of the colours carefully?


Or go random and let the colours fall as they will?

I can’t decide.

Happy outcome

Happy outcome

We need a bigger basket

We need a bigger basket