No sewing involved




I had an early start yesterday.  Not quite as early as the deserted station might suggest, for most of the regulars had already gone, leaving their cars in a very full car park.




Fortunately, I had my hero to drive me to the station so I didn’t have to spend time looking for a space.




It was one of the days in the year when the other bits of my life come together; when I get to spend time with old friends and to chat about things that few would associate with me.  But I really enjoy this opportunity to use my skills and my knowledge in an altogether different forum from the norm and yesterday was no exception.




The picture on the wall is the clue.  I spent the day as a member of Panel F, judging the annual UK Bus Awards at the Society of Operations Engineers in London.  It’s a great opportunity to hear some of the most inspiring young managers and I always leave feeling optimistic about the future of an industry which has always been dear to my heart. 




Afterwards, I walked with a couple of colleagues through the hot and sticky streets for a quick chat and catch up in a cafe before going our separate ways.  Whilst they were off to catch their train, I was heading for Oxford Street and a much needed visit to Blink in Selfridges!




One of our topics of the day was never far from view.




Meeting Edward for drinks and dinner in Fischers was fun, even if the food was disappointing.  Never mind, the company was good, of course.




Time to return to Paddington on the bus (of course) and to smile at Isembard Kingdom Brunel, sitting there behind his protective fence as the Crossrail construction carries on apace behind him.  What would he have made of it all, I wonder?




Nearby, the other lone figure stood on Platform 1, centre of attention recently as a result of this.  I took another look at it before catching the train home with some of those letters on my mind.

No machine needed

I ran out of time