All work and no play

All work and no play


Well, we know what that makes me, don’t we?  So, it’s just as well that most of the time in my life, it’s hard to draw the line where work stops and play begins.


Yesterday was definitely a play day though.  No. Work. At. All.  Well, if you discount the flurry of emails flying to and fro and the little side conversation with another colleague about something altogether different.  The ease of mobile communication means the edges are blurred all the time, doesn’t it?


No, we weren’t at the seaside yesterday, though, but meeting good friends for lunch at OXO Tower which gave us a chance to explore a little corner which was totally unfamiliar to us.  Great lunch, lovely (and lively!) conversation and a fun time all round.


In the late afternoon, we took the #23 back to Oxford Street and met Edward and Amy for drinks in Harry Gordon’s Bar in Selfridges, fearful of the effects of the tube strike and preferring to be within easy reach of Paddington.  We didn’t need to worry really and we easily caught our (almost empty) train home with no hassle at all.


Earlier in the week, I’d been in Newtown, Powys, at Oriel Davies gallery, where there’s a fantastic exhibition on right now – Flora.


The two glass screens were holding a hundred or more red gerberas, which are quietly decaying and changing throughout the duration of the exhibition.  Hmm.


I wonder what the cleaning staff think of it?


I found it interesting that the exhibition could not really be described as “pretty”.  That a show of “flora” totally managed to avoid the twee and the cliche.  I loved Ori Gersht’s work


and that of  Emma Bennett too.  These black canvases with beautifully painted (sort of) still life arrangements looked stunning in the gallery and I really appreciated the space each piece had been given.

How could I call this work then, when I’m somewhere as interesting as this?


But work it was and yes, I agree, it can’t be so bad, can it?!


Maybe it’s just my frame of mind this week, because even the “normal”, the “routine” places of work somehow took on a summer look.

Winking smile

On Tuesday, I returned to the Folk Museum where Marion and I did an interview with Pete Wilson, of BBC Radio Gloucestershire.  Still looking good, thank goodness, and only a couple of minor slippages


More work today but then…adventures on the horizon!

Are you ready?

How hard can it be?

How hard can it be?

New word of the week

New word of the week