Checking the details




We hadn’t a clue what to look for when picking a possible winner.  All of those beautiful horses were groomed and in tip top shape so perusing the race card statistics was our only way to evaluate the runners and riders at the Cheltenham Hunter Chase meeting the other evening.




Thankfully, we had a great view of the whole course and the large screens, because way out there in the distance, our chosen ones were doing their best over three or four miles.




Though sometimes, it all ended in a sulky walk back, long before the race ended.




Perhaps the best part was the people watching.  Not really our tribe, we decided, but it was fun to be part of it all for a few hours, that’s for sure.

Our friends had never seen so much tweed!




It was a lovely evening and thankfully, the rain held off, so our Barbours (and umbrellas) weren’t needed!




Sadly, the fine weather didn’t last but happy days don’t depend on sunshine and Blenheim was dry and warm inside!




A little inspiration for new interiors, perhaps?




Not to mention a few hedge clipping ideas.




We couldn’t drive straight past Bicester Village without a quick run around, though the idea of sitting on a wet cushion wasn’t exactly appealing.




So we took refuge in the best possible place in the circumstances!

The knitting mojo

April Showers