Another night out


Barbara rang to ask if I’d like to go with her to a new WI which has just been formed in Horsley the other night.  Never one to refuse a fun night out, of course I jumped at the chance, particularly when I heard they were going to have a model for a life drawing session.




I knew they were an arty-crafty bunch so took my chicken along, too, in case they were looking for an idea for a future meeting. 


April 2014-001


They meet in Horsley church, which has a large, open space and proved to be a really comfortable setting.  After a glass of wine, we added a few more chairs to the circle already there and gathered our concentration, our pencils and our drawing pads. Andy, the model offered a little drawing advice as he posed, setting several challenges of short, 2 minute sketches and longer, ten minute drawings.  I couldn’t help but wonder what inspires a chap to potter about naked amongst a bunch of women all evening, but potter comfortably about he did, with only an occasional use of his sarong to preserve what little modesty remained.  I had to admire his ability to maintain that one-legged pose, holding his left foot in his hand, whilst feeling thankful that we had the side view to draw because two minutes isn’t really long enough to go into too much detail, is it?




We had such a fun evening with this lively bunch of young women and enjoyed the chance to do a bit of drawing too.  All or Muffin WI has a Facebook page with more photographs and information about their meetings, if you are inspired to go along and join in the fun!

April Showers

with the Textile Treasures