Are we having fun yet?

Are we having fun yet?

dryer 02-001

The jury was definitely out on that question earlier in the week when the new tumble dryer was delivered at 9.30pm on Monday evening with a 4mm indentation on the outer surface of the door.  Since then, I think we’ve probably spoken to almost everyone in the call centre, each one of whom has been utterly charming and appeared to do their best to resolve the situation.  Suffice to say, however, that we are still awaiting news of a replacement but do at least have permission to use this one for the time being.


I already had an email conversation underway with the manufacturer of the pocket pages I use for my Project Life album which are irritatingly inconsistent in size.  As a result, some of my 4 x 6 inch photographs are too big for the pocket and have to be trimmed down further whilst others are too small and don’t fill the pocket at all.  Good customer service means that my comments are taken seriously and action has been taken to replace them, but it’s another thing to think about and deal with (adding to an ever lengthening list right now).  I don’t know about you but when comparatively trivial stuff like this is happening at the same time as other, more important concerns, it’s really hard to settle and get things done.  This was the case at the start of the week, then, when my mind was definitely elsewhere for much of the time.


Yesterday, though, was one of those magical days when a tumble dryer with a damaged door and dodgy PL pages were forgotten.  I met a couple of friends and we went to Mary Howard’s  Christmas Fair at Hullavington.  When I was a young Mum doing the daily school run, a whole bunch of us would go to the fair every year in search of fun things for Christmas stockings and nifty little gifts which couldn’t be found anywhere else.  It was always a grand day out and I have many happy memories of those times.  Like many such events though, the novelty wears off, we move on and it’s quite some years since I’ve made the effort to go along.  When the invitation came this year, though, we decided to give it a go again and I looked forward to rediscovering the fun, hoping that the same magnificent organisation would make it as memorable as ever.

Winking smile

We weren’t disappointed!   I’d booked lunch too, which meant we had a table there in the restaurant with our names on it and a selection of freshly prepared dishes to tempt us.  We’d all stashed several bags at the collection point by this time and though I’m not going to give away any secrets here, let’s just say the shopping was excellent


We gathered a fair bit of inspiration too – we think Margaret could easily assemble a reindeer from a few dried citrus fruit, don’t you?


After such a successful and enjoyable day, there was already a smile on my face when I went to my WI meeting, then.  I’m not sure my photo is clear enough to reveal the subject on Tim Mayo’s tie: There is nothing like a Dame!


I’m rather hoping that the make up advice he offered won’t be taken too seriously by the members!


He told a great story though and had everyone in stitches – quite a transformation, isn’t it?

25 Ed Peninsula HK

Much as I enjoy a day out with friends followed by an entertaining WI meeting though, the magic of the day was mostly as a result of a phone call with the news that the family government affairs professional has a new job with a larger portfolio (and hopefully, a smaller phone!) 

Two proud parents basked in the news of his success last evening.

Roaming in foaming billows

Roaming in foaming billows

In the pink

In the pink