Seasonal colours




It’s the first “cobwebby” day today.  A heavy dew and a misty morning, typical of the season but in this unseasonally warm and humid weather we’re having right now, it came as a surprise.




I love to see the hammock-like structures there in the garden even if I’m not quite so fond of the creatures who were clever enough to build them!




Anyway, we thought it time to bring in some of the fruit which has been weighing down the branches of the trees for the last few weeks.  It’s a bumper crop out there and we have an abundance of apples and plums. 




Not only are they there in quantity, I can’t remember there being such a glorious wealth of colour in previous years.




The sight of these beautiful rosy red apples hanging from the branches was like an illustration from a child’s story book.  They taste a little too perfumed for my liking, but they bake well and they’ll find their way into one or two pies and crumbles in the next few weeks, I know.




The plums are so pretty too, with that bluish haze on them.




The leaves haven’t quite begun to turn yet, but the colours of autumn are here in a different form, for sure.

Around to it.

Around to it.

On a day like this