Thoughts from Zürich




It’s been our last day here in Switzerland for the time being and somehow, we’ve found so many things and thoughts to bring home with us.  We needed the umbrellas again this morning, sadly, but thankfully the weather brightened up this afternoon and though we weren’t confident enough to leave them at home, we didn’t have to use them.  In the picture above, they are dripping into the stand at the Fraumünster, whilst we perused the windows by Marc Chagall, which we love.




Crossing over the bridge in search of the last couple of things on the list, we found a few ducks in the fountain which prompted us to smile and to get the cameras out.

Looking more closely, there was a reminder on each one:




Life is good.

Can’t argue with that one.




Over the river, in the Bookbinders shop, we’d admired these colourful boxes as we passed by the other night and wanted to take a closer look at them when the shop was open.  We spent a happy half hour or so in there, making one or two little purchases and noting the message beautifully written on the wall.





I agree with that one as well!




We spent the rest of the day filling in one or two gaps and rounded it off in the Zeughaus.  We missed Amy, who returned home this morning, and raised our glasses to her before coming home to pack our bags for the homeward journey.

We’re not quite ready for home yet and still have one or two adventures up our sleeves, but for now, it’s uf Wiederluege, Ciao and Tschüss and Merci vilmal to SwitzerlandTomorrow, we’ll be hearing HochDeutsch once again, albeit with a Schwäbisch accent.  We’ve had a great time here and take home so many lovely memorable moments.  We’ve been so busy having fun that we are way behind on our journals, but no matter.  There will be time.  They will be done, for sure.  But for now,

Bis spöter!

Not Grumpy

Umbrellas on the train