Umbrellas on the train




Well, we’ve been so lucky so far, we could hardly complain that it’s raining today.  It wasn’t when we set out for Rapperswil this morning, planning a fairly easy day without Amy and Edward, who had decided to spend the day in the city before Amy returns home tomorrow.




But by the time we’d got there and had a coffee, the rain was coming down pretty hard and we were getting wet in spite of our umbrellas.




We put a brave face on for a while and managed a quick look around, but soon decided our best option was to make our way back to the station and go somewhere else.




It wasn’t just the weather: Rapperswil hosts a big “SeeFest” this weekend, with a three day party by the lakeside, so it wasn’t as if we could enjoy the view of the lake, either.  So, we made our way back to the station and returned to Zürich by train.




We got off the train a little before the city centre and finished the journey by tram, thereby avoiding the Hauptbahnhof altogether.  It wasn’t raining quite so hard in the Bahnhofstrasse, but we scooted into Globus for a happy hour or so, browsing.




The Panorama Knife amused us, though we remain unconvinced of its effectiveness in cutting.  Still, it looked good and the matching wooden board was beautiful.

Mary and I were very taken by the Sal-y-Limon bracelets there too.  They were arranged en masse and the glorious block of colour caught our eyes immediately.  As always, though, one isn’t really enough, sadly.  But a collection would be most acceptable!

The sentiment on a cushion suggested the right idea.




So off we went, to spend the last part of the afternoon doing a little catching up; blogging, emailing, ironing and generally getting ourselves together.  The youngsters were still out shopping, so we picked up a little something for afternoon tea and came back to the flat.




On a rainy afternoon in Zürich, what better accompaniment to afternoon tea?



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