Getting back into the groove


I’m finding it hard to get back into things after my holiday.  It’s not exactly that I have nothing to do, you understand.  It’s just that I’m finding it hard to settle down and do it!




My desk is a tip.  I’m working on my journal and have the European Ephemera Mountain sitting awaiting my attention, and yet nothing I find seems to fit the bill.  I know it’s all there somewhere…




My hero has been someone else’s hero this last week, looking after a friend’s chickens three times a day whilst they were on holiday.  Yes, they laid eggs, so I thought I’d make our friends a cake for when they returned and made my favourite lemon drizzle cake with GF flour.

Oh dear.  It was such a sad affair I nearly didn’t give it to them at all.  But we did a little quality control and it tasted ok.  Just looked weird.




Then we had our lovely neighbours round for lunch yesterday, which involved my shelling a few pounds of peas.  It always makes me think of my Mum; the more so yesterday since it’s six years this weekend since she had her stroke.  My goodness.  I can’t believe we’ve been missing her for so long.




We had a fun lunch though and are still enjoying the leftovers.  There might not have been pavlova left, but there’s gin and tonic jellies and lemon possets in the fridge! 




Then today I was judging at one of my favourite shows.  Thankfully, a fine morning and a steady rise in temperatures, which meant that by the time the crowds came it was a beautifully sunny afternoon.




There were lots of really great entries and plenty to keep me amused for a few hours.  Once my work was done, we went off to the next village and had lunch in the pub.  The same steam train was puffing away down the line at the bottom of the garden as last year.

So, with September on the horizon and new terms, fresh starts and suchlike being discussed, I think I need to get my act together and get into gear, don’t you? 

Safely home