On the lake




We are lucky (well, we planned it so) that we can catch a tram from very close to our apartment right to the Hauptbahnhof and we did exactly that this morning.  It as already quite warm and wasn’t even 9am yet, but we had plans to catch the train to Luzern.




Even though there’s a regular service to Luzern, we wanted time to look around and yet still have time to catch a steamer down the lake.  With a dinner arrangement this evening, we didn’t want to waste any time and so there we were on the 0904 from Gleis (platform) 3.




At shortly after ten, there we were, right in the centre of the city, enjoying the view of the old wooden bridge and negotiating a path through the tour groups to get our photograph too.




The Kapellbrucke burned in 1993 – not completely but enough to do significant damage.  Nevertheless, it’s well restored and the paintings in the ceiling are as lovely as ever.  Fortunately, the crowds this morning were not so great that we couldn’t stop and take a good look at them, so that’s exactly what we did.




And when the weather is so glorious, it’s really hard not to take yet another photograph, and another…




After a stroll around the old town and a stop for elevenses (well, ok then, a beer!) we headed to the lake and waited for the 1204 departure to Fluelen, the town at the far end of Vierwaldstättersee.  What a magnificent view of the snow-mountains!




I couldn’t resist the obligatory flag shot as we steamed across the lake.  Well, could you?




As we passed small villages and farms high on the alp, normal life was going on around us and farmers were also making the most of the glorious weather by getting the hay in.  At times, we marvelled at their ability to gather hay on the most precipitous of slopes, but of course, the hay was gathered regardless.




How about this patch of lush grass?  Looks perfectly reasonable to farm, doesn’t it?  Until you see where it is




Look at the top right hand corner.

(and yes, I am showing off the zoom on my super camera!)




Though the water was calm and still, in that peaceful setting small dramas were taking place here and there.




The sailing class was encountering the occasional calamity, whistles were blown and encouragement shouted to the youngster, who eventually managed to get her dinghy on an even keep again, thank goodness.




Whilst through it all, the stately progress of the Stadt Luzern paddle steamer was uninterrupted and we all snip-snapped even more photographs as she passed by.




We were all enchanted by the magical colours all around us, the peace and tranquillity of the small villages under that clear blue sky.  But oh, how we would all love to dive into that cool water right now!

Saturday morning. Where next?

Going with the flow