Meanwhile, I can hear Jordi laughing




We both knew that, left in the packet like new, I’d never ever use those Peerless Watercolours and even though we’d come across a solution to that, we thought it a bit OCD.




But I’d already written the names on the back of each card square, because otherwise, how could I tell which side was the “loaded” side and which was the blank back?




Otherwise, how would I know that this purply pink square was Viridian Green?  And, actually, the cards themselves are pretty messy to handle since the watercolour/dye dust comes off onto my hands quite readily.

So, there was nothing for it.

I had to do it.




Just the job for a day at home after a busy weekend.




I even put them in a suitably decorative cover and heard the chuckles from way over the Atlantic, there above the George Washington Bridge.

More from Devon in the next post.

Along the coast

Sunny Saturday