Now, where were we?




We were playing with the Gocco printer when the screen went black.  As a result, I had to limit my efforts to some artwork already prepared and (over)used previously, but never mind, at least the little thing was out of the box and being used.  In taking the photograph too, I recognised what I love about printing: that repetition and being able to stand the prints one in front of the other and see the click-click-click of the design.




The neon strips were as a result of playing with the latest purchase, referred to here and which made a timely arrival on Monday afternoon, mid print, so to speak.




Hardly out of the box before they were filled with zingy colours and splodging, dripping and daubing their way across the paper.  Love them!




Elsewhere, I managed to print my fingernails slightly which didn’t bother me too much because I’m in two minds about the colour, which seemed like a good idea at the time!




And whilst one old computer sits forlornly on the floor of the studio, awaiting some fate yet to be decided, the other one is fired up and running.




Right now, I’m dreaming of the day when I can simply open a program and not have to tweak all the settings and options.  When I don’t have to enter a password because it has remembered it from last time and when all those seamless little processes we take for granted so easily, are seamless once again.  Maybe that will be tomorrow?  But I have yet to open itunes, or sync my phone…




There was a bonus in the form of a cleared cupboard, though, because whilst my hero worked on my PC, I had a bit of a clear out.  After all, no-one will ask me to produce the minutes of a meeting held in 2002 will they?  Or a credit card statement from November 2004?  I hope not!




Whilst we toiled in the relatively cool studio, the warmth of the sun brought out the first rose of the summer.

Peace has returned to this small corner and we have regained control of the machines!

We’re going on a Gnome Hunt

It could have been (so very much) worse