In a different corner of the world

In a different corner of the world

The virtual world, at least.

Last evening I was searching for a couple of things online; things I’d read about and knew where to source in the US but which I’d not seen on this side of the Atlantic.  My search took me to a new and rather different place where the language used isn’t of needle sizes, thread counts and fibre content, but of bad boys, drippies and brews.


This was far from the world of Mrs P, where the palette of colours contains soft greens, pale pinks and powder blues, the textures are gentle and the most exuberant pattern (nice word, Linda!) is a gingham check or a fair isle sweater.

Fullscreen capture 13062013 085815

The colours here are the same (of course) but the names have a different tone: Hummer, Grasshopper, Dare Orange and Traffic Red, that last one I’m sure Mrs P would have referred to as “Pillar Box Red”.

I spent quite a while exploring this new and rather interesting world from the comfort of my studio, thinking that this was an altogether new subculture and I was probably not the target customer (I had to tick the box to confirm that I was over 16).  I’m unlikely to make use of any of this stuff in “hot and complex situations”, the “sized to fit pocket” isn’t an important factor in my choice and I’m not likely to be “on the run” any time soon (I hope).

Fullscreen capture 13062013 084652

But I did get a wonderful range of empty markers and paint squeezers from here and fear that I might well become a regular customer.

I promise to behave myself and deface nothing beyond the confines of my studio!

Flaming June

Just in time for Sunday

Just in time for Sunday