Looking for a needle


I had plans to have a go at a new technique which required a particular needle, so I did a search of the top drawer by my sewing machine, where such things are kept.




I seem to have a collection of sewing needles “for all occasions” and often wonder to myself why anyone would want an “ordinary” needle when there is a variety of different types depending on the task in hand.




Actually, I had no idea just how many needles I had!




I had the very large – nearly 12 inches long, for making dolls – and the very small number 12s for quilting, which are barely an inch in length.




I found a weaving needle with the angled tip and large eye and a few tiny curved needles, for working on a three dimensional object.




I was surprised to find two tambour hooks – not needles at all, but so fine and needle-like I might have overlooked them.  Good job I wrote on the plastic bag!




I found two packs of (unused) twin pointed needles, “a revolutionary concept in tapestry and cross stitch”.  Interesting.  Anyone tried them?




I also found a large Locker needle hook, with an eye at one end and a hook at the other.  Never used that one either, though I expect I needed it for something or other when I bought it.




I remember looking high and low for leather needles at some point, but only have the sublime and the ridiculous it seems.  That large one looks pretty vicious!

But do you think I could find the needle I was looking for?  Of course not.  But as I was gathering up the contents of the drawer to put everything back, I did make one last rather sweet discovery – my late father’s handwriting on the back of one of those packs of needles. 




What a strange place to write a reminder.  What on earth does it refer to?  Well, I can make a guess, but have no idea who Harris and Langley are/were.  But never mind.  On a Sunday afternoon when I have nothing better to do than tip out the contents of one of my sewing drawers to look for a needle, it was lovely to find something so unexpected there instead.


Oh yes, and I know that someone will be curious to know what particular needle I was looking for.  I had an idea that I had one of these because I fancied having a go at making one of these.


Netting page 3


I found a good tutorial here, albeit on a slightly different scale, perhaps ;-)   You know how I love a challenge!

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