Here and there


and somehow, not much to report.




Or, perhaps that should be “not much I can report”, because there are some parts of my week which were fascinating but confidential.  Like the reason why there were so many empty biscuit boxes in Elaine’s waste bin last Tuesday.




We did have a lovely day out on Wednesday, when we met friends for lunch at Bibendum and then went to the Treasures of the Royal Courts exhibition which was fascinating.  Sadly, we just missed Naomi Campbell leaving the sold-out David Bowie exhibition, and couldn’t wait until Johnny Depp came out (the steward told us he was in there somewhere, too).    Instead, we met the son and heir for supper and were delighted to hear his good news – which of course, is his alone to share.


The week finished off nicely in the company of good friends here and there and all of a sudden, it’s Saturday.


Never mind.  I promise to be a little more creative tomorrow!

Looking for a needle

Oh to be in England