33 years


We’ve been married longer than we were apart.  Oh my.




So here we are.  Enjoying a couple of days in one of our favourite cities (I know, there are a few!)  A slight delay on our flight and a long queue at immigration meant that the afternoon was cut a little short, so we simply headed out to do what we love to do here:





Union Square Cafe has never failed to delight and this was no exception!  My hero’s Black Sea Bass with chiccerones, bacon and ramp mash was excellent, he told me, and I’m afraid I’d eaten my roast duck and black rice before I thought to take a picture! 

33 years ago, we were spending our wedding night in the Durham Post House Hotel, watching the episode of Dallas and hoping to learn who shot JR.  Priorities, eh?

Walking the High Line

161 miles, 2h 39min