There’s a cow in the fridge


What’s more, it’s speaking Japanese!




It’s one of my purchases in Loft, Osaka.  I spotted it and thought that I knew someone who would find it amusing, so added it to his little bag of treasures to give him this weekend.




Fridgezoo creatures sit in the fridge and not only say “hello” when the door is opened, they also remind you to hurry up and close the door again, please.  I chose a Japanese speaker, of course, so the voice and the greetings are very cute!




I was looking forward to trying it out, to see what it sounds like and what it would say, but had to be patient and wait until Edward arrived home yesterday afternoon.  Thankfully, he was as impatient as I was and so the little cow is sitting in our fridge for a few days before taking up residence in her permanent London home.

I think I’ll miss her cheery “O-hiyo”!

Taking note

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