What story to tell?


After weeks of having so much to rabbit on about, the days at home spent catching up and just enjoying quietly could seem dull in comparison.  Of course, for me, they are nothing of the sort, because I love the times when I can just “be” almost as much as I love the times when I “do”.




Actually, on Tuesday, my work took me through some of the most glorious parts of Gloucestershire, into the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire.  I always love the drive there, through Cirencester, Bibury and scooting  past Burford and Witney towards Bladon and Blenheim.  If you’re familiar with my neck of the woods, you might recognise Arlington Row in Bibury in the picture above, but as you can see, on Tuesday, it wasn’t really looking at its best.




After all I said about the Chinese landscape being very beige and grey, I had to admit to myself that Gloucestershire wasn’t looking that colourful on Tuesday, either.  But at least there’s a little bit of green in there and the landscape seemed to me to be cosier, more comfortable and a good deal less bleak.




But the weather isn’t exactly cosy and comfortable and our hopes of Spring are being sorely tested. The little primroses in the garden are getting a real battering in gale force winds and heavy rainstorms.




And then, this morning, we woke to this, which actually makes it quite a good day to stay indoors and enjoy being at home.

There’s a cow in the fridge

There’s a cow in the fridge

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The Journal