We’ve no idea what day it is


But we have internet again!

We’ve spent two days at sea, sailing through the Korea Strait in between Japan and the Korean peninsula. 




We’ve listened to fascinating presentations in the theatre and learned a little about the places we’ll visit.




We’ve watched demonstrations and tasted a few new flavours.




We’ve enjoyed delicious meals with friends around large tables full of laughter and fun.




We’ve chosen to eat in different places and varied the menu.  Last night’s Italian supper was especially fun.




This morning, the sun was shining and we ate breakfast in our favourite place, overlooking the back of the ship and the cool, blue sea.




The whole day, we seemed to be sailing through small groups of islands and the weather was glorious.  The seafood lunch outside on the pool deck was blissful and we made the most of it, because the forecast for Seoul tomorrow is decidedly chilly.




This morning, we had another emergency drill, because the new rules state that one must be done every 14 days.  We must have been on the ship two whole weeks…oh my.




This lunchtime I enjoyed a tour of the galley with Jane.  I always find it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes and this was particularly fascinating.  Who knew we drank so many bottles of wine each day? (300-500!)




This afternoon, we rounded off the day in good old tea time trivia style. One point short of a win on this occasion, but never mind.  We’ll remember Michael Schumacher started his F1 career with Benetton next time, not Ferrari.

This evening, we’ll meet our friends for drinks and then dinner in the steakhouse restaurant.  We arrive in Seoul early tomorrow morning and have a full day of sightseeing and exploring a new city, not to mention adding another new country to our list.


An nyoung ha seh yo Seoul!

An nyoung ha seh yo Seoul!

Oh, Osaka