Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Well, far from lazy, actually, but that song just prompts me to put the L word in there!


So, humming The Small Faces, I’m pottering about the studio this afternoon, enjoying the post OFSTED glow and offering the occasional 2p as my Hero navigates the nether regions of Windows 8.


I’m actually working on my pocket journal, which reminded me that I haven’t shared my nifty method of transferring complex shapes from Silhouette cutting mat to page, by means of a strip of washi tape.  It’s not really rocket science.  I simply remove the cut pieces from the mat with a short piece of tape (or two, if it’s larger)


I turn over the tape and apply a small amount of adhesive to the reverse side of the cut shape, before turning it over, sticking it down to the page and carefully peeling away the washi tape.


See?  I said it wasn’t really rocket science!  But I’m not sure I could have got those tricky Chinese characters down any other way.


The journal’s coming along nicely and I’m happy with it.


I especially like this last folder, for our souvenirs from Hiroshima.


I made good use of the print from the paper collection I chose, handily named “Konnichiwa”.


Oh, I got a new toy to play with too.  Lucky girl!

What next?

Lighter, brighter