A green world

A green world


Well, it’s pretty brown and muddy in places and the rain is unrelenting too, but it was good to open the curtains this morning and see the grass again.


I’ve been progressing with my travel journal, pottering about my studio in between doing bits and pieces of work; making sure all is up to date and everything is tickety boo.


Not only was the weather enough to keep me at home again, but I felt I really needed to be around today, just in case.


I kept my work internet connection open and my phone in my pocket.

Just in case.


Then, just after a quick chat with a colleague, who agreed that, yes, it was surprisingly quiet


the phone rang to arrange the expected – the inevitable – meeting with OFSTED.  Yes, we have four days of fun at work again this week.  Still, 48 hours notice doesn’t allow much time for panic.  Does it?


Meanwhile the journal pages are coming along nicely, I’m enjoying fiddling about with bits of coloured paper and now I’ve discovered a nifty way of getting the small pieces of a Chinese character from one place to another without muddling them up (clue:  washi tape…) I’m on a roll.

Super, wonderful, terrific

Still talking about the snow?

Still talking about the snow?