Operating noises explained




We have the instruction manual for the new fridge to add to the collection.  It has the same title as this blog post and has been created for a worldwide market.




We now know that if our new fridge purrs – sorry, brrrrrrrs like a cat, zisches or blubbs as if blowing bubbles, then all is O.K.  It’s even ok  (sorry, O.K.) if we think that we heard someone take a photograph in there, it seems, though I think that’s cause for concern.  I’m not sure I want people taking pictures in my fridge.




If we hear a fly ssssrrrring around, that’s also O.K.  It appears that it will probably be the fan.




If it starts to do a tap dance, clacking its clogs on the floor, then we won’t worry because it could be the ice inside it.  But I hope it doesn’t do its clog dance in the middle of the night or else it will be us who gggrrrr.   And I know that it says it’s O.K. if a train comes out of the door with a zsch but you know, I’d be pretty worried.  We’d better keep that fridge door firmly shut, because even though we are used to strange things in fridges I’m not sure about keeping trains in there.




Just when I was beginning to think that all noises were O.K. and I needn’t worry about anything, I came to the last two pictures. 

Now I’m anxious about what klirr sounds like.  After all, I need to know immediately that the bottles we’ve stored in there are unhappy so that I can let them out.  As for the last one – well, in a leaflet explaining operating noises, how strange to end in silence.


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