Unexpected diversion


We went to a fun party in London yesterday and having planned what to wear, I picked out a grey clutch bag to take with me. 




I well remember when I bought this particular bag and it’s quite some years ago.  I bought it for a special occasion, needless to say.


25 Richard CBE


Here I am carrying it on the steps of Buckingham Palace, following my father in law’s investiture in 1986.  Yes, it’s a real oldie, but the soft grey leather and plain design doesn’t date and it was just right for yesterday’s do, I thought.

Especially when I looked inside, because there I found a whole bunch of relics from an earlier age.




The first thing I came across was a credit card statement, also from 1986.




Not only had I shopped at Comet, I filled my car up at two different filling stations, each time for less than £16.




I’d obviously used the bag since 1986, because I found the Order of service and a sweet thank you card from Caroline and Tony’s wedding in 1989 too.




Like all parents of young children, I’d gone prepared, because there in the pocket was a small book, a notebook and pencil.  Yes, I left it in there yesterday afternoon, because Edward was going to the party as well… Winking smile




But best of all, there in the zip pocket was a small bundle of negative strips wrapped in a photo printer’s folder, with a list of enlargements required.  Oh my goodness!


October 20131


Out came the film scanner this morning and having remembered how to use it (and found all the requisite negative strip holders, USB cables and suchlike) we’ve scanned the photographs.





No £50 notes tucked in there but treasure of a different kind, some of it now safely included in my Project Life pockets, but others put back into the bag to be rediscovered in time.  I mean, is there ever an occasion when a Richard Scarry Busy World book doesn’t prove an entertaining diversion?

Scary times

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