The prototype


Having seen that attractive pocket/accordion book on the Evalicious site, my mind began to work.  I looked through my Silhouette library and remembered that I’d got one of Lori Whitlock’s designs which might well fit the bill.




It was a little small for my needs, but resizing is easy and I had a stack of manilla file folders there, so I could make a prototype using my Silhouette to cut the pages.  Doing this kind of thing using a digital cutter is a delight, because everything turns out so precise!




Twelve pockets needed – that’s one for each destination plus a couple of extras for more general travelling tales! 

Now to bind them together.




During the Christmas holiday, I made another of Lori’s projects: a little box album with a string tied binding.  I really liked this simple construction, so made a few more changes to the design and gave it a try.




I had to make the spine a little bigger and respace the holes for the binding, to take into account the thickness of six double pockets.  Actually, I didn’t do it quite enough and need to add a little more space for next time.




But the thing is neat and holds together so well.




Mind you, I did discover that it’s not a good idea to use hand cream before handing manilla folders, which reveal every trace of greasy fingertips!  But hey, this is a prototype, right?




Even if, by this time, I was so pleased with the book that was taking shape, I was wondering if this might be “it”.  No, I told myself, it needs to be stronger, better, prettier!




I found the pockets to be rather deep though…and how was I going to retrieve little things that might get stuck in the deepest, darkest corners?




I quickly designed a folder to fit in each, which allows plenty of space for the 3 x 4 inch journalling cards which fit in my plastic pockets, as well as for all kinds of folded bits and pieces.




I cut twelve of those and slotted one into each pocket.  At this stage, I’m wondering if each needs to tie or clip closed?  That might give me an opportunity for a bit of journal bling…  Perhaps I’ll punch holes in the end of each one, just in case.




For now, I have a great book made from twelve pockets, each one the perfect size to contain a folder of bits and pieces, including the journalling cards which will fit into my plastic pockets when I get home.  I’ve ordered some pretty paper and a few bits and pieces which are destination-appropriate and on sale too!  So, later in the week, hopefully I’ll be able to put together a rather more beautiful book to take with us and in which to stash all the little things which make for great memories.

Isn’t it great when something turns out well?

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