How my mind works

How my mind works

Our fourth day of being snowed in.  Well, I think that today, we could probably get out and go somewhere, but we don’t need to do that, so we won’t.  My hero is out clearing the snow from the lane, so that if/when it snows again, it won’t simply sit on the old, icy stuff.


A few vehicles have been up and down but not enough to spread the grit and salt, so far.  We haven’t seen the postman since last week, either, but maybe we’ll see him today.  I wonder if he’ll be wearing his shorts?!

Being at home was a good opportunity to get ahead of myself – Lesley, I didn’t take up your suggestion of tackling a UFO! – and I’ve been thinking about putting together the bones of my next travel journal.  Now that I’m doing really well at keeping up with the ephemera-in-pockets-style of my daily journalling, I don’t really want to stop that whilst we’re away.  However, taking photos, sketching, blogging, scribbling and everything else all takes time – and I do want to leave some time for actually having fun!  It all has to fit in the routine and be as simple as possible, or I know, I won’t do it.


I’ve written before about my different travel journal styles and since our next jaunt will be a cruise, I know it will be hard to find time to complete a traditional, fully featured journal like I’d do on a road trip.  I thought about working MaryAnn-style and having just taken her inspiring Ticket To Venice class, was tempted to use some of the ideas she shared.  But I know that on this trip, only the quick and easy is going to work, and that on most days, stuffing a few bits of ephemera into a pocket is as far as I’m going to get.


But hang on…wasn’t one of my challenges about how I was going to maintain progress on my putting-ephemera-in-pockets project?

I know, you probably got there way before me.

I need pockets!  To put things in!

Then I saw this.  With a day at home to think about it (not time to wait for any tutorial) I decided to work on a prototype.  Come back later and see how it went.

The prototype

The prototype

Zero. Or thereabouts.