Walk with us in Frankfurt


You are definitely going to need your comfortable shoes on this morning.  I’ve got the map and my hero will keep us on the right track, I’m sure.  Before I left home, I did a little internet search to find a particular shop and this morning, we’re going to try to find it, OK?




Setting out from our hotel, the weather looks fine and it feels good to get some fresh air, doesn’t it?  Not many people are up and about yet and a city centre street is pretty much the same the world over.  We’re right by the Konstablerwache station, by the way, in case such things are important to you.  We’ll walk towards the river Main, down Kurt-Schumacher Strasse (no jokes about the speed of the traffic making it feel like Michael Schumacher Strasse, please!)




But though one city centre looks much like another, somehow this could only be Germany.  Something about the building style, the street furniture and so on.




OK, yes, I spotted that clue as well!




We need to cross a large junction, where the inner ring road crosses our street.  There across the road is the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt, with an intriguingly shaped roofline.  Come on, we must behave ourselves and with true German obedience, we have to stand and wait for the green signal to cross, even though there isn’t a car anywhere in sight.  We don’t want a tap on the shoulder, as happened to Tante Hilde that time, do we?




Looking at the letterboxes at the front door of that apartment building, are you thinking what I’m thinking?  That if everyone but one has a “no junk mail” sticker on his letterbox, the one who doesn’t have such a thing is going to get the lot?  Hmmm….




Oh, here we are at the river – the Main is quite a large, fast flowing one at this point and we’re crossing the Alte Brucke.




There’s a fine view of the city from here, with the tower blocks of the financial district over there.




A couple of oarsmen are getting in some practice too.  Nice stroke!




Looking over my left shoulder, I can see a new construction over there and my hero thinks that we’re heading in that direction when we go to the concert tonight.  Could be quite a nice walk along the riverside, if it stays dry.




Over on the Sachsenhausen side of the river, however, we need to think about where we’re going.  It all looks pretty residential around here and I hope we’re going in the right direction.




Would you just check on the map for me?  We’re aiming for Oppenheimer Strasse…or was it Oppenheimer Land Strasse?  I really ought to have checked…




Though there are some beautiful, grand residences on this street, it really doesn’t look right.  Oh dear.




Aha.  We’re in Schweizerplatz and suddenly I can spot one or two shops there amongst the trees.  Did I hear a sigh of relief?  You bet!




These are smallish, one-off shops, with interesting and stylish goods for sale.  This little tea shop has a beautiful display out on the terrace.  Shall we call in and take a closer look later?




I don’t want to stop now, because my goal is in sight – over there, the black and terracotta shop.  Stepping inside, I can see a comfy sofa, so you can sit and chat to my hero whilst I try on a few things, ok?

I’ll only be a minute  an hour!  Oh, and that DM store there has a great selection of cosmetics and other stuff.  Just a tick….




Well, that was worth the detour wasn’t it?  I think I owe you a drink, so shall we stop at the Eiscafe Milano?  What do you mean I’m carrying all the money anyway?




















I really don’t mind ;-) 




Now, do please be careful of all these cyclists!  I know there’s a cycle lane on the roadside but somehow, these people prefer to ride on the pavement.  None of them use a bell, so we’ll just have to watch out.  Let’s return to the riverside and walk along the promenade to cross over to the old town by a different bridge, shall we?





What a lovely green space and who can blame those people for bringing their lunch out onto the waterside on such a fine day?  But watch out, more bikes here, too.




Wow…can you see that huge barge…where’s it from?  Belgium we think, or at least that’s where the two cars parked on the roof are registered.  Mustn’t it be strange to live and work on such a barge, moving form one place to the next the whole time?  What about school?




Right, here we are at the Eiserner Steg, the pedestrian bridge where hopefully, we won’t get run over by a mad cyclist!






I love the font of the carved stone sign, don’t you?  And how are your knees holding up?  Mary, I’m sorry, there are no lifts on this side of the river…can you manage?




Oh look, they’re fixing padlocks to this bridge like they do in Paris – do you know about that?  I can’t remember where it is, but feel sure I’ve read somewhere that young couples have almost covered a bridge there with these little symbols of love.





Here, have a read and see what you reckon!  Here on the Eiserner Steg, there are not that many – yet.




Is that menu you just picked up?  Funny that, I was just beginning to feel a little peckish, too.  It’s a while since breakfast and here in the Romer area of the old town, there are a few likely looking places.






What will it be, then?  Well, there’s no decision to be made really, is there?  Haxen and Kartoffelpuffer with applesauce!  (Pork knuckle and potato pancakes)




Oh, and of course…




Hefeweizen!  Our favourite beer tastes so good when freshly served and drunk in the sunshine and I’m not so good at talking when there’s a plate of delicious food in front of me.  Shall we meet up again in a bit?  There might even be time for some culture this afternoon!


Ready to roll?

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