The Organ Grinder


Last night, when on our way to find some supper, we heard the unmistakeable sound of a barrel organ. An elegantly dressed gentleman was there on a street corner with all the traditional characters there with him, right down to the monkey sitting on top, even if it was only a toy!


Next day, enjoying our lunch in the sunshine, we spotted him going off to work again, his three small dogs in tow. We imagined he would set up not far from where we were, there in the old town, where there were tourists a plenty. But shortly after, when we decided to enjoy our dessert at a nearby ice cream parlour, who should arrive and sit at the next table?



During the next couple of hours, as we strolled about the city, he could well have thought we were stalking him, for every time we turned a corner, who should be there but you know who.


It did give us plenty of opportunities to observe the master at work, however!



First of all, he spotted a likely bunch to target. Here's some jolly folks out for the afternoon. Catch their attention by having the monkey doff his hat. If they don't notice, then give them a squirt with a little water pistol!



Having stopped them in their tracks, offer someone a go, turning the handle.



Now they're giggling, dancing even...have the monkey squirt that water pistol again whilst continuing the lovely sound of the barrel organ. It doesn't seem to matter if the guy keeps turning the wheel or not. (Strange, that)



When they are ready to move on, pass the hat round, gather the many euros which come your way and move right along to the next street corner and begin the whole show over again.


It's got to be more fun than this, don't you think?


Can you work that trick out?  Passers by were intrigued enough to wave their hands beneath him, for he really did look as though he was sitting, completely unsupported in mid air…


(my apologies for reformatting this entry but I didn’t want to leave it as it was!)

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