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For a while, I’ve known that friends have had problems leaving a comment on my 365 page, over on Blogger.  I have been similarly frustrated by the new interface and the lack of flexibility, not to mention being at the mercy of Google’s every little whim.  Over the last few days I’ve been making a few small changes, quietly moving my four year’s worth of photographs from Blogger to a page here, just next door to this one.

The 365 link above, which used to lead to an archive of photographs displayed in an ipad-unfriendy Flash format, now holds my daily photograph and will be updated daily – or very nearly!

I’ve also tweaked a few links and removed some others, since my Kindle has made LibraryThing a little redundant and Pinterest has come along and needs a link, I think.  You might also spot that I’ve added a “search” feature, which might prove useful, too. 


Hope it’s all working fine and that leaving a comment is no longer the challenge that Blogger seemed to make it.  Let me know if you find something amiss, won’t you?

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