Can it be Saturday already?


Where did that week go?




I went to a meeting at Denman College which took up one whole day.  Whilst I was there, I tried again to get some decent photographs of the wonderful smock collection, currently on display in the teaching centre.  I’ve tried so many times to photograph these smocks, thinking that I’d do a blog post about them for my WI Craft blog, but so far, first-class picture quality has eluded me.  Once again, I reviewed my photographs when I arrived home to find them less than ideal, but on this occasion, I think I’ll just have to go with what I’ve got!

Sometimes, done is better than perfect.




Whilst I was there,  I poked my head around the door of the craft workshop, to find a gorgeous scent of flowers and a Wedding Flower Day School taking place.  Anna Steven was teaching a group of brides to be, a couple of Mums and assorted friends and the room was filled with the most beautiful white arrangements – pew ends, bouquets,corsages.  Lovely!


Edna and Jean1


I spent Thursday at home, catching up with one or two bits of work.  The day was overshadowed by bad news, however – my Auntie Jean, Mummy’s younger sister died that morning following a long stay in hospital with heart problems.  Not a complete shock because she had been very poorly for a while, but nevertheless, a huge preoccupation for the rest of the day.




I spent yesterday in the company of this gorgeous creature at the NEC, on the Denman College stand for the Fashion and Embroidery show.  I had a lovely day, just right for bringing me out of my gloom, meeting friends and talking twenty to the dozen for more or less the whole time I was there.




And if you hadn’t realised already, I do have some very talented friends!  Helen’s stand at the show was attracting a great deal of attention – quite rightly so, because the work on display is exquisite and beautifully exhibited too.  I nearly didn’t recognise her though, thanks to a new and rather gorgeous hairstyle!




Hazel Everett was demonstrating on our stand – Hazel is the most amazing embroiderer and has a new book out too.  Not only does she create the most wondrous goldwork and construct the most charming little bears, she is also one of the most delightful women you could wish to meet!  As a result, our happy little stand seemed to attract a happy bunch of visitors too – the day passed in the blink of an eye, accompanied by a chorus of laughter.




Because every time we looked over and saw Ray Slater’s beautiful dancer doll’s legs, we realised that our own cellulite isn’t quite that bad after all ;-) 

(Ray can be relied upon to capture the whole character in her dolls, which are so beautifully observed!)

Don’t look too closely

Catching the sunshine again