At the show


One of the benefits of volunteering for a day on the Denman College stand is that I get to see the show like this




Unsurprisingly, it’s much easier to see the beauties on show when it’s empty!




This year, our stand had a great view of the catwalk and I was pleased to see a return to traditional skills and some excellent tailoring on display.  Yes, it’s fun to watch youngsters being creative and having been taught needlework by a teacher of the “old school”, I would hesitate to advocate that old fashioned,  rigorous and stifling regime.  But being firmly of the opinion that we have to learn the technical skills before we can go too far off piste, the sight of beautifully tailored jackets and trousers being celebrated lifted my spirits.




I found the display of old undies interesting – especially the liberty bodice!  Thankfully, I never had to wear one but remember clearly the little girl called Lynn in my class, who endured a fair bit of teasing because she did.


It was fun to chat to interesting people and to meet a couple of fellow bloggers.  MandyCharlie  and Noelle were early birds and so there was time to talk knitting, blogging, quilting and the WI!  So, two more blogs to add to my RSS feed…




As usual, I had to visit The Eternal Maker for a little blast of Japanese goodness at similar prices to buying there.  As you can tell, the Russian Doll theme continues.




Fabrics Galore is another favourite and I enjoyed finding some new, fresh fabrics for my bread bags.  Whilst there, I spotted this




which may or may not turn into some Royal Wedding bunting.  Pity the initials are “WC” don’t you think?




Other finds were some metallic Brusho spray and a new Clover product. Then, just when I was giving up on the overcrowded unpleasantness of the Hobbycraft section, I spotted a bit of a Holy Grail




Interfacing which will make it possible to cut fabric using my CraftRobo (now called a Silhouette on this side of the Atlantic, too).  I snapped up those two packets and a few spare blades to give it a try.  Watch this space.

Finally, following on from my recent posts about weird geographical juxtapositions, here’s one last one from the show for you.




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