We are gradually getting ourselves back into reality.  In my case, not made easier by the development of a tooth abscess en route home, but in my usual Pollyanna way, I can only feel thankful that it waited until we were home to flare up.

This morning, a fair bit of sorting out is going on, in between the countless phone calls and the arrival of builders, painters, friends and colleagues.  I realise that I bring home all kinds of weird and wonderful things, some of which go straight in the bin, but perhaps others are worth sharing for no other reason than they amuse me!




Take the two labels above, taken from beverage bottles bought in Singapore.  One of the things I really love about being in Asia is the energy.  Going to the theatre, we were struck by the average age of the audience which was way younger than any London show we’ve been to.  The youthful vigour, the colourful and fashionable approach to life combined with a confidence and forward thinking attitude creates a pace which borders on the hyperactive at times.

I’m not sure I want it all the time, every day but for a short blast it’s rather invigorating and I think the text on these two labels sum it up rather well.




“get set for the big, bright, brilliant day ahead”.

Love it!




Anything further from my life is hard to imagine, but nevertheless, the tale on this bottle made me smile, too!


So yes, I carried home two labels, carefully cut from the bottles – but when I came across them this morning, they brought a smile to my face, so it was worthwhile!  I’ve not bought “Vitamin Water” here so can’t say if there’s similar content on the UK product.  I will have to look more closely next time I’m out shopping!

It’s not Bali

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound