Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Our last day in Singapore and it’s pouring with rain.  A late night and an altogether overwhelming day yesterday has left us both feeling rather slow to get going and it’s nearly 10am before we turn up for breakfast.


I forgot to bring my camera down to photograph those bamboo screen patterns but my hero decides to return to the 18th floor to fetch it for me.  Whilst he’s gone, I go in search of breakfast cereal and can’t find my table again!

We decide to visit the Museum today, since we’ve had enough of shopping malls and still have our MRT tickets in our pocket.  We gather up umbrellas and joke with the concierge about his singing before setting out to the station.

Through the shopping mall.


Still thinking that I hadn’t picked up any star anise, I pop into a Korean supermarket right there by the hotel entrance.  Though there’s plenty of all kinds of things on the shelf, there are no spices I can spot.  Mind you, I had to look very hard at the pictures to work out what was what – several different brands of Kimchi, of course!


Oh yes, how are the balloons coming on?  Taking shape nicely, I’d say.


Though there are lots more to go.  Once more, we speculate on how they’re keeping count.  Empty packets, do you think?


We carry on through the mall to the MRT station, down the escalator.  Still haven’t needed those umbrellas.


Esplanade station isn’t a busy place at this time of the morning, but people still follow the markings on the platform, so we do the same.


Arriving at Bras Basah station, we walk under an awning, passing this Irish pub.  Had totally forgotten about St Patricks Day until now.


We still haven’t opened our umbrellas but think we might need to do that shortly.


We’re heading for that white building down the street opposite, but need to cross the busy road first.


As we do, we spot the toll barrier for the ERP .  Each car here has a small black box on the dashboard which keeps a tally of the number of times it’s used in the central business district by means of these automatic barriers.


Once inside the museum, we wrap our dripping umbrellas in the plastic bags provided and begin our tour.


The building reminds me quite a lot of the Wallace Collection in London, in that the old building has a modern glass extension to include a cafe.  This glass roof has a row of swinging red chandeliers, controlled by an electric motor, we see.


The museum is awfully well done and the exhibits arranged in a most attractive way.  But it depends heavily on the audio guide which demands constant attention and carrying umbrella, handbag, notebook and pen, camera and this blinking machine is a little overwhelming.  Next time, I’m coming empty handed!


Anyway, we learn a lot about the history of the city before calling it a day and heading back to the hotel.  The bikes, by the way, represent the Japanese invasion force who stole bicycles to get around the island and overcome the British in 1942.


Sadly, it’s still raining but our trusty umbrellas will see us as far as the station.


Returning to the hotel through the mall, we can see a large presence at the end of this stretch of shops.


The robot is almost finished and the activity seems to be limited to a few last minute bits and pieces.  He’s suspended by strings from the roof of the atrium and is swaying ever so slightly in the air conditioning breeze.  This makes for a rather spooky “breathing” motion!


He’s not exactly the prettiest robot and a little out of proportion.  But hey, it’s created a fair bit of interest over the last few days and with school holidays approaching in Singapore, he’ll attract a crowd for sure.


We shower and change, pack our bags for one last time and await our car to take us to the airport.  We’ve had a marvellous trip and are ready for home, that’s for sure.  But how pleased we are that we chose to extend our stay in Singapore for a couple of days to rediscover this amazing city.

We’ll be back!


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