We're here in Hobart, spending a few days with our dear friend Sandy and exploring this beautiful island for the first time.  The landscapes are looking lovely in the drizzle!  Since I haven't worked out how to upload photographs via Sandy's computer, however, you'll just have to believe me for now ;-)

We drove around the harbour when we arrived yesterday afternoon and saw three white ships moored there. One of them looked rather familiar - sure enough, there it was, "our" ship!  It's going to spend a couple of days in Melbourne before sailing on to Sydney and it was lovely to think we'll be joining it there.

Today we've been to the Salamanca market in Hobart and then out to the Hartzview vineyard, founded by Sandy's ancesters this afternoon.  Her rellies were some of the first settlers here and having lived here all her life, she knows everyone!  Hobart is in a beautiful setting and going up to the Signal Point at Mount Nelson this afternoon, we had a marvellous view over the estuary.  It was really easy to see how they would be able to trace a ship's progress from three or four days out from the port from that amazing vantage point - photos will follow!

Tonight, we're dining Greek- looking forward to that.

At home in Hobart