We're in pretty bonzer shape considering! We're now in the Qantas lounge in Sydney, no worries - it's fun to listen to the 'strine going on around us but just like when we're in the USA, our British accent shines through all the stronger when we're in foreign parts! Both flights were comfortable and smooth and BA's choice of entertainment was right up my street. I watched One Day first, which I very much enjoyed even if it hardly did the book justice and Anne Hathaway's suspect and very inconsistent accent grated from time to time. Then, after a few dozes and one pretty solid sleep, I drifted in and out of four back to back episodes of Downton Abbey followed by two classic Desert Island discs on the radio. No wonder I'm feeling particularly British this morning.

So, it's now Friday, our Thursday was a mere half hour turnaround in Bangkok! As we flew into Sydney around 5am, the sunrise was glorious. Now, the skies are clear and blue here and we're both feeling in holiday mood. Our flight to Hobart doesn't leave until after lunch, so after a shower and a catch up of email, my guess is that we'll catch a few more zzzzzzzzzs.


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