Into hibernation


As we snuggled under our duvets last night, it dawned on us both that the next time we sleep in a bed, it will be in Tasmania, it will be Friday and it will be Summer.  Except of course, in our heads, it’ll still be sometime on Thursday, we’ll find it odd to wear sandals not shoes and we’ll most certainly be, as my Nan would have said, “all at sixes and sevens”. 




For the last few days, I’ve been scanning the weather and live images of the earth on my ipad, wondering how warm (hot?) it will be and how to pack for the first part of our trip.  I always find it hard to pack for a different season, especially when it’s been so cold here recently.




So, for now, we’re in that funny time when it would be tempting to say “oh, let’s not bother”.  The lists are endless, the building work will progress whilst we’re away and there’s all kinds of decisions to be made.  What will we wear en route?  Have we got enough to occupy us on that long journey?  Above all, for me, what shoes will I put on today?!  Much as I’d like to commit to Birkenstocks from now on, the style of my current pair means I can’t wear socks and I’ve simply got to put on my compression stockings!  So, yes, it’s part vanity, but part practicality -  or that’s what I’m trying to convince The Man who Has No Such Problems ;-)

Anyway, the charging session of the century has been completed and Kindles, ipads, ipods and anything else we can think of are ready for use.  The art kit has been assembled (which will offer Jordi some relief, I know) and as you can see from the photo above, the toenails are holiday-ready too!

Perhaps I’d better go and pack a suitcase?

Empty fridge, full suitcases.

The Hanky Drawer