Empty fridge, full suitcases.

I spent the morning running up and downstairs, resolving a few comment difficulties which must have tested the patience of Carol and Helen but ultimately, mean that hopefully all will be tickety boo from now on - please, let me know if it isn't. Full marks to Tom at Squarespace for sorting it and being persistent enough to resolve this frustrating and inconsistent issue. I highly recommend Squarespace for this kind of thing - instant reply to a call for help and then unceasing attention from a named expert until it's resolved. Great service.

The bags are packed then and I am testing Blogpress on my iPad, to see if I could manage without baby laptop on this trip. Should have tried all of this sooner of course and perhaps I should have persisted a little longer with the Squarespace app, but early days with a new way of working and it does take time!

Haven't quite discovered how to add links yet, nor to add a photo. That must be the next challenge!

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