For the first time in a while, we can see shadows on the wall this morning.




I know the weather gives us plenty to talk about, but really, we have so missed the sunshine in the last few weeks that the sight of a bit of blue sky this morning is cause for celebration.  I just had to go outside and breathe in the fresh air and feel thankful not to be dodging raindrops.




These late December days are a time to savour.  No work to do, a few bits and pieces to do around the house to prepare for the arrival of our friends who will celebrate the New Year with us but generally, time for ourselves.  How selfish is that?




For me, it’s a time to fiddle about in the studio.  Maybe I’ll finish my December Daily journal today?  Maybe I’ll begin to build a new travel journal for later in the week (!)  Or, maybe I’ll just settle down with my Kindle and do not very much at all.  We have two small home made shepherd’s pies defrosting so there’s no cooking to be done and the Christmas leftovers were dealt with yesterday, too.




So, what’s lurking in the shadows, drawing my attention and challenging my willpower?



December Daily done

December Daily done