We’ve had a wonderful couple of days and our Christmas was everything we could have hoped for – and more. 




Quite how Father Christmas manages to squeeze so much into my stocking I have no idea, but squeeze in a lot he does and once again, the surprises kept on coming, right down to the toe.




The turkey was the best ever and even though it was the smallest we’ve ever had, we have still got plenty for sandwiches.




The cracker jokes were suitably groan-inducing – eg. what do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?  Frostbite!  I did rather like getting a red sports car in mine, though.




Opening presents later, we were surprised to find that in one case, someone else had opened it first! Diana, the TSA had clearly been through your suitcase pretty thoroughly, hadn’t they? 




As we sat savouring the last drops of wine, doing our best to finish every last morsel of the teaspoonful of Christmas pudding I’d persuaded everyone to try, the most beautiful (double) rainbow appeared in the sky across the valley. 

What a day.


Rainy days and Mondays