Pudding time




The only time in the year when I use barley wine.  As a result, the multipack of four cans from the supermarket last for four years – probably well past its sell by date, but we’ve had no problems so far.  This morning I’ve weighed out all the ingredients and stirred them together in a large mixing bowl to sit and soak overnight.  Tomorrow, I’ll divide the mixture up between some pudding basins and steam the puddings in my steam oven, which will take most of the day.  Do I wish I had a large copper washing boiler like my Nan?  Not really…but I’m sure this was one time of the year when it really came into its own.  My Mum told stories of the kitchen walls running with condensation on the day the puddings were steamed, the whole house feeling vaguely damp for a few days later.  I’ll simply switch on the extractor fan.

Oh, and as you can see, the bald oranges and lemons have been dealt with.  Pancakes for tea!




Heart progress today?  Well, from left to right, one success – harder than it looks.  One so very nearly complete but failed at the last hurdle, because with one red strip to weave, there’s no space left.  On the right, one total failure, when I tore one strip completely and ruined the whole thing.  I didn’t take a photo of the one which was thrown in the bin!

Time to cut some more “practice pieces” I think.


In between the hearts