In between the hearts


Before I went to work this morning, I had to have another go at one of Marianne’s star patterns.  Clearly, I was in a calm and gentle frame of mind, because the heart came together very well and was no problem at all.




I am told, by someone close to me, that weaving paper hearts keeps me quiet.  As if I normally make a lot of noise!




Well, to be truthful, there is often a noise when I’m at home in the studio.  But it’s not me, it’s the Silhouette machine, buzzing and screeching as it cuts complex patterns and intriguing shapes, which occasionally come together to make something like this




A dear little suitcase, inspired by reading about it here, which came together in no time and which is so cute, I need to think of ways to use it!




I feel sure that two small girls not so far from here would be thrilled to make one of their own, to put a few small treasures in.




The Silhouette sale tempted me to download quite a few interesting patterns, including this intriguing book of boxes




It’s the kind of thing which would take forever to cut from scratch and yet, thanks to a clever designer, cuts in minutes and pieces together so accurately, it is immensely satisfying. 




It’s very adaptable and could be put together in many different ways to showcase all kinds of creativity.  I’m looking forward to doing exactly that – and to making another two so that they can fit snugly together in the little crate which is provided for them.




In the meantime, I sit and stroke it from time to time, I open it up and close it again.  Because I can.  I love it!




The little drawers are cute too!




Rather less cute is the heart I’ve been trying to weave this afternoon, having returned from work a couple of hours ago.  I wonder if I can learn from this?

Think calm.

Pudding time

A little less impressive