Whose books?




I’ve been having a bit of a tidy up this morning and as I did so, I was surveying the very full bookshelves in someone’s bedroom.  Beano annuals, Bash Street Kids books and a few Asterix and TinTin titles.  A treasured copy of the book about Robert Ballard’s discovery of the Titanic along with other similar titles, all well loved.




Another shelf has Niall Ferguson and Misha Glenny alongside Bill Bryson and Boris Johnson.  There are countless books about ancient civilisations, politics and world history and rather a lot of biographies, too.




Of course, there are the inevitable Star Wars paperbacks and Biggles books, but surprisingly on the shelf below there’s a Jane Austen and a couple of Martin Amis.




Best of all, Fireman Sam stands alongside a year’s worth of German History journals, a Short History of Canada and Teach Yourself Arabic.




Love him!

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