Sadly, none of that here today, except in lovely messages from friends and family, all of which were much appreciated.  Thank you!




So, I’ll stretch the Ballenberg warmth a little further with a few more pictures and a puzzle.  This green window lights the apothecary’s bench and the photograph ought to come with scent attached, for the whole house smelled of fresh herbs and flowers.  Lovely.




Here’s the basketmaker’s house, complete with willow plants growing right outside the door and a variety of baskets at different stages of completion.




Unusually light and airy, this sitting room was attached to the room where the lacemaker was working.  The theme here seemed to be needlework of all kinds, and there’s a lovely embroidered cushion on the settee as well as more work in progress on the stand by the window.




The puzzle is this. The polished construction on the top of the bench is quite separate from the bench itself, and consists of the circular base and the unusually shaped framework.  What do you think it could be?  I took the photograph intending to ask one of the staff members but forgot all about it until I was home and reviewing my photos.  I should add that this was not in the needlework house…in fact, I don’t recall the house having any kind of theme at all, but was more of a simple farmhouse with a pretty ordinary kitchen and living space.


It’s been a lovely day and I have done little but fiddle around with a few bits and pieces just for the fun of it.  Just how a birthday should be, really!

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