My apologies for updating the last blog post way after it had been published – I wanted to record the techniques learned for my own benefit and thought it was better kept together than posted in a separate entry altogether.




Anyway, it’s probably time for an update on another of Santa’s really useful gifts, the True-Cut Rotary Blade sharpener which I’ve finally put through its paces.

It works brilliantly!




I have several rotary cutters of different sizes and guess what, I can never remember which one needs the new blade, or once I get to the shop selling the replacement blades, which size to buy!  Yes, I know, I could have written down the size on my shopping list but to be truthful, these are not things I find myself buying very often and actually, the place I usually remember I need a new blade is somewhere like the NEC or wherever.  Not necessarily the place to take a shopping list!  As a result, I’m often the one who is cutting fabric with a less than sharp blade, muttering about how I must get hold of a new one “next time I’m in town”.

Anyway, enough about my lack of focus – sweep the cutter through the guide twenty times and bingo, sharp blade. Simple as that.  I love it!

Thank you, Father Christmas x

Not long!

Sweet Home