Not long!


In answer to the question of “I wonder how long the next page will take me?”


I went to the dentist this morning to begin the final stage of replacing the tooth I broke last year and though I’d set aside the morning for that, I was there just five minutes, for an Xray to check that all is well to proceed.  So, with an unexpected morning to myself and just a couple of work related issues to resolve, I worked my way through lesson three.


I wasn’t too sure about that.  Well, of course I could make a page about our family but somehow, I don’t feel comfortable being overly sentimental about such things in the open…anyway, I dived in.


GT Page 3 Family-1


There we are – three stars!

What did I learn from this page?

  • I installed & used handwriting stamps as texture, though I later replaced it with some of my own writing, using my own font
  • Made flowers stars from imported shapes & charcoal outlines
  • Extracted a floral motif to add texture to a background – yes it really is there on layer 4 or 5 of twenty odd layers!
  • Created the look of image transfers for photos
  • Created a custom dotted brush and very nice it is too!
  • Used text paper over a sticky tape and then deleted it from this page because it didn’t seem to fit
  • Drew a triangular border with the Polygonal Lasso tool and deleted that as well.
  • I added the pin and the “family” word because they were there and I could.

I looked at the finished page and the script brush background texture and thought that it would be better if it actually meant something to the subject of the page.  So, I went back into the depths of my archives and found the framework for the old “I am from…” poem.  Remember that one?  It works beautifully and I’ve used it several times, following the framework to write the story of both parents and myself.  With the help of my hero, I cobbled something together for our family – we are from… and so on.  I then saved it in my own handwriting font and imported it into a layer of the page.  It’s not all legible, nor is it meant to be – but I know it’s there and I am happier with the page knowing that the whole thing has a relevance to us.

So that’s Lesson 3 complete and I’m very nearly up to date.  How impressive is that?!

I see the next lesson is on the theme of “desire” and “goals”.  With an OFSTED inspection in the offing at work, that might be a bit too close to home!