Where am I?

Where am I?


I’m in a kind of shopping centre this morning.


It’s a place where the WH Smith magazines are at the rear of the store, not right by the front door.


The front shelves are reserved for tea towels


and shortbread.  Was there ever a more “British” WH Smith?


The Olympics are a strong theme here too, with a dedicated shop selling all kinds of souvenir of an event which is still to come.  Perhaps there is another word for that? (My Hero suggests "prevenir”.  Discuss)


For some reason, people here love their Toblerone and there is a huge display of the biggest sized bars.  I’ve yet to work that one out, too.


But I love the art and always smile when I pass the horse-with-a-lampshade-on-his-head.


Maybe you’ve guessed already?  Perhaps you need no further clues?

We’re sitting at Heathrow Terminal 5, waiting for our flight. 

See you when we get there!

Later that day

Food for the soul

Food for the soul