Still learning




My journal is coming along nicely and building into quite a collection now, but after a weekend away, I’d got a little behind with my pages.




A couple of hours were needed to sit and sort through the ephemera collected on the way and to print out a few labels and journal cards.




Thankfully, that gave me the prompt for what I learned yesterday!




And today?  Well, today I learned a new word, thanks to the crossword and my hero, who tells me that his own hero, the composer Joachim Raff, includes “Dans la Nacelle” in his repertoire of piano music.   Now, before you think that Raff was finding poetry and music in the aerodynamics of aircraft engine housings, be reassured that the French word nacelle can also refer to a small boat, but I find that use is now described as obsolete.

I shall just have to engineer a conversation about aerodynamics to drop it into then, won’t I?

A bit of culture

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