Another handover


Thankfully, Marjorie and Connie have done me the honour again this year and we continued the tradition of a long gossipy lunch before bringing the sloes home ready to make this year’s batch of sloe gin.




Buying three large bottles of gin at our local supermarket does nothing for my reputation and having sampled the new Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling whilst in London at the weekend, it’s as well I wasn’t wearing that particular perfume!  Do I really want to smell like an old soak?




In no time at all, Bourton on the Water’s finest little sloes were thawing out and releasing their ruby coloured juices into the clear alcoholic liquid.  In a few short months it will be transformed into a gloriously rich and comforting elixir.




It really is hard to imagine that those tough little bitter berries contain the magical ingredient that creates such a distinctive liqueur.




I labelled the bottle and gave it one last swirl and shake and set it aside so that it can receive daily attention for one week.




By then, all the sugar will have dissolved and it will take up residence in the storeroom alongside its older siblings until we’re ready to drink.


Thank you for another year’s harvest, Marjorie and Connie!

Still learning

What a fun weekend!