Lavender’s blue dilly-dilly




Whilst on our road trip, we chatted about the traditional songs we learned at school and which stay with us.  Sad to say, only one of us knew “The Song of the Erie Canal” and had to find evidence to prove that she wasn’t making it up!  In the list of primary school songs we came up with, “Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly” didn’t feature but I was certainly humming it when out in the garden this afternoon.




We replaced the old lavender bushes a couple of years ago, with new ones from our local Lavender nursery.  They’re growing into beautiful shape now, thanks to the great advice given to us to cut back to “8 in 8” – 8 inches in August.  This afternoon, they were humming with bees and the whole lavender patch was shimmering with activity.




This empty shell left behind by a dragonfly (I think) caught my eye, though.  One summer, maybe six or seven years ago, there were many of these in and around our pond but haven’t seen one since.  I was pleased to spot it this afternoon, though, and to take a close look at those fantastic articulations on the bottom bit (technical term!)




Thankfully, this creature wasn’t moving either, as he’s a feature on one of our pots. Though the real thing would scare me to death, I think this inanimate chap is cute, isn’t he?

One thing about travelling – an afternoon like this, spent at home with nothing in particular to do is a great bonus and something to be cherished more than ever. (Though I’d be very happy to be serenaded by The Erie Canal Song!)

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