Crank up the sewing machine!

Crank up the sewing machine!

Busy busy here this afternoon.  I’ve been making one of these.


I saw the sample in the Stitchin’ Post and really liked the crisp shape and construction.  Though it’s an easy thing to sew if you’ve followed a basic bag pattern before, buying a pattern like this with full step by step directions is often a few dollars well spent.  This was very much the case here.

The “Suzi Purse Insert” could be used to keep essential things in and switch from one handbag to another easily.  But it stands so firm and straight, it could also be used on a desk or as a sewing caddy, too.


I made the medium size from two fat quarters of fabric, also bought in Sisters.  I followed the directions carefully, thinking as I did, how difficult it is to explain things clearly, even with the benefit of coloured photographs.  I’d read the pattern through once, before starting, but even so, completely missed out on short sentence – fortunately not too late to redeem the situation.


The outer pockets lie flat against the sides and can, of course, be stitched to accommodate things of a particular size.  I stitched them according to the measurements in the pattern.


The slimmer pockets on the end are ideal for pens and marking pencils, and are not stitched completely flat to the bag, so there’s room for a rounder item to be tucked in.  I thought that was a neat touch and something I’ll bear in mind when I make other pockets.


I included the optional inside pocket too, because I had plenty of fabric and it seemed a good idea.  Even so, there’s still plenty of room on the main section for scissors, needle cases, spectacles and suchlike.  All the seams are reinforced and topstitched, which makes the whole thing very sturdy, especially the top edge.  I’d queried this when I first read the pattern through, thinking that the process of stitching it was a bit of an unnecessary faff.  But the end result is neat and firm and the steps taken are well worthwhile.  Full marks there!


I have only one niggle.  I have a thing about the word lazy.  I’m not a “Lazy Girl” – and I suspect that no-one else who goes to the trouble of making one of these cute bags is either.  Call me anything you like, but please, don’t call me lazy.

Probably just me.

Lavender’s blue dilly-dilly

Lavender’s blue dilly-dilly

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